JC Carter Nozzles History

JC Carter is the global leader in cryogenic nozzle technology.  This distinction is based on JC Carter’s global installed base of 5,000 cryogenic dry coupling systems.  These systems operate an estimated 25 million fill cycles per year throughout China, US, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Indonesia, and various other countries.  This experience is a testament to JC Carter’s ability to perform in various climates and operating conditions.  JC Carter’s industry  leadership comes from JC Carter’s continuous investment in engineering and design so products  are unmatched in reliability and customers receive the best product, best service, best support, and best overall experience.

Most present JC Carter applications are in the natural gas vehicle transportation space including the fueling of heavy trucks and buses.  As the use of LNG for fuelling moves more to the high capacity industries, JC Carter’s larger dry connect couplings are well positioned to perform in marine, railroad, mining, and power generation applications.


James Coolidge "Cool" Carter