The current installed base for the JC Carter application is estimated to be 5,000 nozzles in countries all over the world, primarily China, United States, and throughout Europe


Under conditions of proper usage and maintenance, the nozzle can perform 10,000 fill cycles without requiring a seal change. In particular, the JC Carter coupling is generally acknowledged to be the 50 GPM dry coupling that performs consistently in harsh, high volume applications.


The couplings achieve typical filling requirements in a few minutes, with maximum safety and significantly reduced carbon, nitrogen and sulfur environmental release.


The Ice Breaker System is provided to break off accumulated ice on the outside prior to decoupling. To limit buildup of ice inside the nozzle, which can lead to nozzle malfunction, a “freeze-free”design has been developed. These technologies enable management of ever-present water such that it has minimal impact on nozzle performance.